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Jun 18, 2018
This week's episode is part two of our conversation about Sean Gordon Murphy's Elseworld title: White Knight, with friend of the show Caitlin Rosberg! You can find the first part here.  We delve into what worked, what didn't work, and what does the future hold for this incarnation of the Dark Knight.
Jun 8, 2018

Feature 1 - Suspension of Disbelief


  • Nick - The effect powers like superintelligence would have on things like the economy and medicine.
  • Tim - The feeling of incredulousness that people in superhero verses have when encountering powered beings. 
  • Marty - I am really forgiving so....  I need to talk about this before I can have an answer



Feature 2 - Pullbox!



Project Super Kid

Jun 1, 2018

Feature #1:  Our Favorite Asian Superheroes (or Villains) in Comics

Feature #1.5: “Lost and forgotten” Asian superheroes


Feature #2: Our favorite Asian Superheroes in Film and TV

May 24, 2018

Hey ACC-tion heroes! This week, Tim and Nick ask each other three insightful questions. Come for the questions, stay for the amazing answers!


Feature 1 - Three Questions

We each ask each other three questions.

Nick to Tim

  1. What insights would an Asian-American bring to the shield if, like Sam Wilson, they took the mantle of Captain America for a while?
  2. If you were a wrestling promoter in the DC Universe, who would you recruit?  No, you can’t cross-over Ben Grimm.
  3. We talk a lot about how heroes (and sometimes villains) have helped us understand ourselves.  Has a hero (or villain) ever helped you understand someone ELSE?


Tim to Nick

  1. Generally speaking, what limits you from reading comics? Not a critique, but a genuine curiosity.
  2. If you were tapped to write for a book, which one would you want to tackle?
  3. Comic book movies obviously pull source material from comics, but increasingly we are seeing movies affect the content of comics. (Example: Drax’s redesign), do you think this is a positive trend, negative, or neutral?


Feature 2 - Pullbox


  • Nick: Future Guys of Tomorrow



May 17, 2018
Join us this week, ACC-tion heroes, as Marty, Tim, Hannah, and Nick continue to break down Infinity War! In the second part of our review, we go over:
  • Additional High Points
  • Theatre Reaction
  • Problems with the movie
  • What was up with the stinger?!
Thank you for supporting us on Patreon! We have already reached two(TWO!) levels of support. Speaking of our second level, if you have an idea when (and where) you want to watch Marty play Superman 64, let us know on Twitter (@allcomicscast) or Facebook (!
May 10, 2018

Hello there ACC-tion heroes! This week we dive, head first, into Avengers: Infinity War. Just a warning: This episode is chock-full o'spoilers. In part one of our discussion, we cover:

  • Overall first impressions
  • Favorite scenes
  • Favorite lines
  • Favorite storylines

We are also announcing the launch of our Patreon! Listeners, we have plans for our little show, and making these plans come true will require more resources. So if you have ever thought, "I'd like to buy my podcast friends a coffee/tea/beer" now you can! Any little bit helps, and every little bit means the world to us.


May 3, 2018

Feature 1 - What book would you recommend for a college class?


  • Nick - Astro City
  • Tim - Maus (especially given that on the internet they say that the holocaust is ‘fading from memory’).
  • Hannah - Pedro and Me / My Friend Dahmer



Feature 2 - Comic book coding


  • What is comic book coding?
  • What are some good examples?
  • What are some bad examples?
  • Is it an effective technique?


Feature 3 - Pullbox!




Apr 25, 2018


Today on the show, Marty, Nick, and Hannah will be helping you get prepped for Avengers: Infinity War, which comes out THIS WEEKEND.

Infinity War Prep


Other Comics to Read!

Apr 18, 2018

In this week's episode, Marty, Tim, and Nick discuss the ages of comics, Marty gives a break down of his most recent C2E2, and the winner of our 2018 Survey is announced!

Feature 1 - What is the next Age of Comics?


  • Golden Age (38-56)
  • Silver Age (56-70)
  • Bronze Age (70-85)
  • Modern Age (85-now) What to rename?
  • Foil (Cover) Age



Feature 2 - C2E2


  • What is C2E2?
  • How major of a convention is it?
  • What creators did you talk to?
  • What upcoming news can you give us?
  • What gear did you get?
  • Was it totally sweet?



Apr 5, 2018

The Survey: Take it!

Feature 1 - Agents of Shield

  • Is this the end?
  • Is Deke a Scrappy?

Feature 2 - Books We Haven’t Read But Are Gonna  Analyze for you anyway!


  • Identity Crisis
  • Court of Owls
  • Northlanders
  • I Kill Giants
  • Daredevil: Born Again



Mar 30, 2018

I’m Marty and I am swimming in comic books.


I’m Hannah and won’t someone please ask me about Pop Team Epic?

I’m Nick and I am stupid into curling right now

I’m Tim and all about the Garlic Girls, the best curling team in the world.


Feature 1 - Pullbox

Feature 2 - ANOTHER Jessica Jones trailer + Legion teaser

Mar 21, 2018

Hey there ACCtion heroes! Join Marty, Tim, and Nick as we talk about what we're reading this week AND the first arc of Jessica Jones, Season 2. When you're done listening to this show, take two minutes and fill out our listener survey. You could win an $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Feature 1 - Pullbox


Feature 2 - Jessica Jones Episodes 1-2

  • Where is Jessica now?
  • What are the different plot threads?
  • What are they telling us this season is about?



Mar 14, 2018

This week, we dedicate our show to Avery, a young woman who suddenly passed away at Emerald City Comic Con. If you want to help the family, their Go Fund Me is here.

There is still time to complete our 2018 Listener Survey! Please take a few minutes to tell us what we can do better, and you can win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Feature 1 - Pullbox

Feature 2 - Favorite supporting characters




Mar 8, 2018

Hey there ACC-tion heroes! This week, the whole crew gets together to talk about the highest Kirby rated movie in ACC History: Black Panther! We talk about all the aspects of the movie that we loved, the bits that we didn't love as much, the implications for the MCU moving forward, and do a deep dive into the movie's messages as a whole. 

This, right here, is one hell of a show. Now that you've seen Black Panther at least once, join our conversation about one of our favorite Comic Book movies!

When you're finished with the show, fill out our 2018 Listener Survey and enter to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card! The drawing will take place on 3/21/2018! 

Also, if you could pop over to the podcast service of your choice and leave us a review, that's be awesome of you. It'll help us get noticed by other cool folks, just like you!

Wakanda Forever!

Mar 4, 2018

ACC-tion heroes! This episode is all about Black Panther with Dr. Miquel Lewis and returning guest (and total amazing human) Steven Barnes!

Steven is also giving our listeners' a few free lessons, with Tananarive Due, on Afrofuturism lesson at Wakanda Lives!

Once you're done listening to this episode, why don't you fill out our quick survey!

Feb 21, 2018

ACC-tion heroes! This is our last episode before we delve into Black Panther and Wakanda! Marty, Tim, and Nick gather to talk about:


  •  BLACK
  • The Flash
  • Agents of Shield

And the stunningly beautiful "All The Stars"

Feb 14, 2018

Hello and Welcome to the NPR Voice edition of All Comics Considered. In this week's episode, we all gathered --including our amazing sound engineer Steve!-- to discuss the new CW Show: Black Lightning. We talk about our history with the character, some of the fictional biography of the character, where is his place in the Arrowverse (other than at the top), and we just scream for joy as this family of super heroes does cool shit.

If you like what you've heard, you gotta rate and review us. You can do it at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify. You should totally to it. It's the righteous thing to do.

Feb 1, 2018

Wherein Jim talks about his gaming history, Fiasco!, and an insight into Avengers: No Surrender!


We cannot recommend Jim's website enough for all your comic needs--be it how-tos or buying some excellent books!



Jan 24, 2018

ACC-tion Heroes, we have good news and bad news. Here is the bad news: Episode 100, our Musical Episode, has been eaten by the forces of evil. It's gone. Poof.

Here is the good news: Episode 101 is the first part of an extensive interview with writer, animator, gamer, speaker, and professor Jim Zub! Jim talks to us about how he got into comics, his creator owned books, gaming, and Avengers: No Surrender!

If you are looking for somewhere to start with Jim's body of work, in previous shows, Marty has plugged:

AND Jim's website has a ton of good advice on writing, the comics industry, and more information on where you can buy his stuff! Seriously. GO BUY HIS STUFF

Sit down, plug-in, and get ready for one hell of a conversation!



**Jim comes to the show thanks to Will Hindmarch

Jan 17, 2018

Welcome ACC-tion heroes! This week, Tim, Marty, and Nick assemble to discuss some of their ideas for solid Elseworld/What if stories! We even have time for the first Pullbox of 2018!


Tim World:

  • Wanda Maximoff: Sorceress Supreme (and her apprentice Young Henry McCoy) in the Academy of Magic.

Marty World/Tim world

  • Scarlet Witch: By Seanan McGuire, drawn by Kris Anka
  • Old Man Rogers

Nick World

  • Marvel-less: Crime and Forgiveness - Carol Goes to Jail
  • How to be Big Guy in a Small Room - Bill Foster, superspy


What are we looking forward to in 2018? (AKA: pullbox)

Nick: Superior Spiderman

Jan 10, 2018

In this episode, Marty and Nick put their brains together to talk about the Big Two's Big Moves. We contrast and compare Legacy and Rebirth, with points about:


  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Comparing previous events


Please note, we recorded this before Bendis' announced his move to DC, so that is not on the table.



Jan 5, 2018

This week Tim, Hannah, Marty, and Nick gather around the mics to answer the question: Is it better to handle legacy characters by creating new characters or pass the torch?


Here's  a quick list of the main characters we discussed:

Characters who have been replaced with PoC and women:

Dec 27, 2017

Wherein Marty says goodbye to 2017 by thanking the ACC Fam.


Dec 22, 2017

Hello and Welcome to All Comics Considered and our end of the year special! Let us celebrate 2017: The Year of  Surviving Fascist Bullshit. This year, we'll be talking about the highs and lows of 2017, and what to look forward to in 2018.






Thor: Ragnarok

  • Possibly the funniest Marvel movie so far
  • Female characters! (barely passed the Bechdel Test? Needs to be better)
  • So ready for a weird, cosmic, outside of New York/DC superhero movie that didn’t suck
  • Taika Waititi



Feature Two: Do Better 2018


  • Least favorite thing of 2017: losing faith in Marvel comics
  • Write more - inspired greatly by friend-of-the-show Caitlin Rosberg & the AV Club’s Eisner


  • Need to expand beyond Marvel, DC, Image (and valiant)


  • Super hero vidya games - VR is here, gimmie gimmie
  • Make comics easier to follow again


  • I’d like to see more PoC creators in comics.
  • Bring back Milestone


Excited for in 2018

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