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Sep 29, 2018
Today on the show,  we have best friend of the show and Eisner winner Caitlín Rosbergon to discuss a phenomenon within comics-- Comicsgate.

This episode's show notes contain the articles we read and the calls to action we've made regarding Comicsgate.

Creator Databases: 



freelancers from blocking ppl on Twitter

Call to Action


Until next time, I leave you all with a call to action from JA Micheline

 “If you want to prevent the next Comicsgate, Brexit or Trump, here are some suggestions: rather than claiming you support marginalised people, rather than stating that you are against the principles of a nebulous enemy, demand better of your peers, demand better of yourself, and demand it in public. Amplify the voices of marginalised people discussing issues within your community. Intercede when a peer is responding in a hostile fashion towards those discussions. Set a standard for public and communal discourse. Do not tolerate the dismissal or disrespect of your marginalised colleagues. Do not tolerate the dismissal or disrespect of marginalised strangers. And in every environment, no matter how uncomfortable: hold the line.”

Sep 21, 2018

Today on the show,  we’re going to chat about Iron Fist season 2, Spider-man, the new Captain Marvel photos, and speculate on what’s next. Let’s turn the first page!


Iron Fist season 2 Trailer




Captain Marvel


What’s next?  Game of Thrones, Comic Book movies, what’s the next aspect of nerdery that gets mined?


  • Marty
  • Nick



Sep 6, 2018

Join Marty, Nick, and Tim as we talk about comics that hold a different meaning for us, years after we originally read them. Then stick around for the pullbox, where we talk about The Life of Captain Marvel, Farmhand, Superman and Spider-man!

What comic speaks to you differently now than when you first read it?  What did it say then?  What does it say now?


Jun 22, 2018

ACC-tion heroes, this week we have an interview with Sean Lewis, a playwright, actor, essayist, and comic book writer. Sean's breadth of experiences AND body of work could have led to a three part series. For now, though, we focus on Coytoes, the book he wrote with Caitlin Yarksy (who has an amazing instagram feed.)

If you wanna check out any of the books or plays mentioned in the show, check out our show notes!

  1.  Radio
    1. This American Life
  2. Plays
    1. Dogs of Rwanda
    2. Just Kids
    3. Red Hills
    4. The Magic Agency
  3. Comics
    1. Coyotes
      1. With Caitlin Yarsky
    2. Saints
    3. Few
    4. Bethroted
    5. Clankillers
  4. TV
    1. Saints
  5. What is Restorative Justice
    1. Dr Obari Cartman
Jun 18, 2018
This week's episode is part two of our conversation about Sean Gordon Murphy's Elseworld title: White Knight, with friend of the show Caitlin Rosberg! You can find the first part here.  We delve into what worked, what didn't work, and what does the future hold for this incarnation of the Dark Knight.
May 10, 2018

Hello there ACC-tion heroes! This week we dive, head first, into Avengers: Infinity War. Just a warning: This episode is chock-full o'spoilers. In part one of our discussion, we cover:

  • Overall first impressions
  • Favorite scenes
  • Favorite lines
  • Favorite storylines

We are also announcing the launch of our Patreon! Listeners, we have plans for our little show, and making these plans come true will require more resources. So if you have ever thought, "I'd like to buy my podcast friends a coffee/tea/beer" now you can! Any little bit helps, and every little bit means the world to us.


May 3, 2018

Feature 1 - What book would you recommend for a college class?


  • Nick - Astro City
  • Tim - Maus (especially given that on the internet they say that the holocaust is ‘fading from memory’).
  • Hannah - Pedro and Me / My Friend Dahmer



Feature 2 - Comic book coding


  • What is comic book coding?
  • What are some good examples?
  • What are some bad examples?
  • Is it an effective technique?


Feature 3 - Pullbox!




Mar 30, 2018

I’m Marty and I am swimming in comic books.


I’m Hannah and won’t someone please ask me about Pop Team Epic?

I’m Nick and I am stupid into curling right now

I’m Tim and all about the Garlic Girls, the best curling team in the world.


Feature 1 - Pullbox

Feature 2 - ANOTHER Jessica Jones trailer + Legion teaser

Feb 1, 2018

Wherein Jim talks about his gaming history, Fiasco!, and an insight into Avengers: No Surrender!


We cannot recommend Jim's website enough for all your comic needs--be it how-tos or buying some excellent books!



Dec 27, 2017

Wherein Marty says goodbye to 2017 by thanking the ACC Fam.


Dec 16, 2017

Listen in ACC-tion heroes! This week we breakdown the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth X. We talk about everything from our thoughts and feelings about this 4 hour movie, the state of the Arrowverse, and a comparison to last year's Agents of Hydra.


Warning: Nazis and Spoilers to follow!




Nov 8, 2017

Our long national nightmare is at an end, ACCtion heroes! Hannah returns to the cast of ACC! She gets down and personal with her sabbatical, and answers the question that is on everyone's mind:


Who is her comics waifu?

Sep 27, 2017

With Hannah on sabbatical, Marty, Tim, and Nick keep the flame of joy in comics alive.

This week, our team does a segment on the FUTURE and talks about some of our favorite post-apocalyptic comics. Spoiler: No x-men villains necessary!

Segment 1: Futurecasting Comics




Segment 2:  Favorite Post-Apocalyptic comics




Jul 26, 2017

Happy Summer ACC-tion Heroes! This week, Marty and Tim revisit Homecoming, SPECIFICALLY to talk about Miles and the future of the MCU. We also have a pullbox!


Tim's pick

Drawn and Quarterly Publishing House

Marty's Pick

Jun 8, 2017

Listen up ACC-tion heroes! This week, Marty, Tim, and Nick talk with Charles Hoffman of Comic Book Resources and Book Riot! We delve into his history with comics, his break down of comic sales and diversity, and talk about Guardians of the Galaxy!


Editor's note: We had an issue with Tim's recording this time around, and our valiant sound engineer Steve worked very hard to fix it. We are aware of the issue and working hard to fix before our next show!

May 24, 2017

Hello ACC-tion heroes! This week we discuss some of our favorite Asian American creators, cast Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the MCU AND Marty reveals his feelings on Black Bolt!

Segment One: AsAm Month

Segment Two: Cast The Rock!

Segment Three: Pullbox!


Apr 21, 2017

Pull Box or What We’re Into So You Should Be Too

  • Hannah: Emerald City Comic Con panel
  • Nick: MPQ changes/The Flash “she’s too busy with the ring”


Heil Magneto

Feb 22, 2017

HELLOOOOO ACC-tion heroes! This week, we are rebroadcasting our interview with writer, martial artist, meditation master, and friend of the show Steven Barnes! Steven talks about Luke Cage, meditation, and gives our listeners some tips for their own writing!



Jan 25, 2017

Hello and Welcome to ALL COMICS CONSIDERED, the comic book podcast with a Heart! Today Hannah (totally not a Xander) and Tim (Maybe totally a Giles) host a great show!


Feature One: Looking Forward


Feature Two: Pullbox

Jan 4, 2017

Hello ACC-tion heroes! We have five--yes five!--stories of good and evil to talk about this morning! Each one of our storytellers will be getting a pocket constitution! Thanks to everyone who shared a story OR shared a post.



The story of good defeating evil that I love the most is Angela Queen of Hel. Hella is oppressing angels but the journey is more personal than that. It's a story of love, love between a trans women of color and her beloved lady getting over the evils of Hel itself. It's powerful on so many levels when Angela manages to become the queen of Hel and gets to be free with her love again. Sera and Angela's love combating their own evils, their own fears, and very real threats makes it just such an amazing tale.


Aidan Halligan

My choice is actually the opening pages of the Saga series, where Marko and Alana overcome the prejudice that has sustained the seemingly eternal war between their people, fall in love and bring new life into the universe. In doing so, they commit a cardinal sin in the eyes of their people but (in a delightfully gritty and 'real' birth sequence) show the triumph of love over learned animosity. As the Pakeha/European half of an inter-racial couple (raising two kids who have to tick a number of 'ethnicity' boxes on census forms) this felt pretty damn real. Given our current political climate, we need more Markos and Alanas out there who are willing to reject the lessons of hatred and embrace. Just embrace. So yeah, that's my choice. Not a triumph as such (given its place at the start of the narrative) but an act of defiance and rebellion that is all the more real because it marries political/personal so brilliantly.


Fred Zeleny

Lots to choose from, but I was surprisingly touched by the recent issue of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (the latest #1, I think?--pretty sure you’re right, Fred!), where SG meets Brain Drain, realizes something is wrong, and it unexpectedly turns into a tale about growing beyond our past selves and becoming better people over time.


Adam Anthony

Also, there was this Alan Moore story, I'm not sure where it was originally printed but it tells the story of a Green Lantern (Katma Tui) who had to try to recruit someone to the Lantern Corps whose species has no concept of light.





Dec 28, 2016

Hello ACC-tion Heroes! For this week's episode, we have a special guest: Megan from Dorkadia!

Our supreme sound engineer, Steve, had to work overtime to get this episode to work due to some technical difficulties. 


Segment One:  Biggest surprises of 2016


Feature one: favorite book/comic/writer/artist property in 2016

Dec 24, 2016

Hi ACC-tion heroes! Put down that egg nog and turn down "This Christmas," it's time for a really quick Holiday Special. And this one has nothing to do with comics, but it would make a pretty good web comic.

Marty went on a trip last week because of a letter he wrote. It's a pretty cool story, bruh.


Make sure you head over to All Comics Considered to check out some of the pictures from that trip to the East Wing!


Holiday Music: Snowing, by Peter Rudenko. Facebook Page.

Sep 7, 2016

Hi ACCtion heroes!


We took a break. A small one, to be sure, but a small one.


Tim and Marty Endorse beers and we set up to talk about THANOS.



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